Thank You!

Special Gratitude goes out to:

Out of the Blue Designs, Victoria, BC

Thanks to Anna-Lisa Meikle for keeping us looking good! and

always getting those rush orders on time!

Ocean Promotion - Victoria

Thank you Troy for your patience understanding and for your assistance with letting me have full access to partner with your artists to print a "to the point" t-shirt pleading our



Kevin Eastwood, 
Optic Nerve Films,
I have no words. 

Darla Symington, 

The most amazing web designer ever!
Profile Marketing
Vernon, BC

Tamara Siermaczeski,

For the work you do with homeless dogs and by recognizing your 

First Responders by naming them in our Honor... Meet YANA

Hi, my name is Yana, I am around 2.5 -3 years old and I am a Persian German Shepard/Golden Retriever cross.

I was found with my daughter Sadie in a very dark and dirty place, she was only a couple weeks old. We are both doing well for now as we were secretly rescued and taken to a nice home where we are kept safe, but the neighbour of our care giver is threatening to poison us if he doesn't "get rid" of us soon. So you see we really need to find a home. Don't worry, we don't need to be together,  it would be great if we could but, as long as we are both in a safe loving home it's all good. Now let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a dog who really loves to be around people. I am sweet an affectionate too. I would do great and actually love to have another doggy friend, but it's not necessary. I'm not sure how I will be with a creature called a cat, so I will leave that up to you to decide. I should let you know that my name YANA  stands for You Are Not Alone it's a shout out to first responders, so you see I will be a perfect companion for you. With my soft fluffy coat and gentle demeanor I would love to be by your side so you will never be alone. I am spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated.My adoption fee is $500.00 and that includes my airfare to Canada.


Chris Siver, Victoria, BC

For your support of our cause, and for helping the group out of a jam

Mulroney and Co. Law Firm, Victoria BC

Troy at Sleep Country - Langford Bed Program
For delivering a bed, on your own personal time
to one of our members who could no longer sleep on the floor

Dan Sundahl

For sharing his amazing emergency services artwork

Depicting what we as First Responders cannot sometimes express .

Ao through his visceral visual, sometimes haunting and moving and often so realistic it shatters those of us with PTSD...pieces, we can bring a piece of his work and when we are asked and oh are we asked, describe your PTSD ....we can hand the specialist a print of  Mr. Sundahl's art and say, there that is it only add the screams and the smells and you are on the right trail.

Cheryl Driscoll
For making the donation to make sure the t-shirts can roll,
We will always remember your son Jason!

John@AllyKat Signs, Victoria, BC

Thanks for ensuring we catch everyone's eye!

Adil and Mina at Home Highlights on


All of the Councils in all of the Municipalities

that endorsed our Resolution for a Presumptive

Clause at the 2015 and 2016 UBCMs only to be ignored by our Government at the time who decided they were not going to debate it, your first responders appreciate your efforts.

All of the media sources have reported on this cause and who put up with my persistence asking to keep this topic in the media.

​My parents, Freda and Ed Jennings 

Thanks for...

Never letting me think less of myself.

For letting me fail so I could learn about failure in a safe place,

but to know that from that experience you can make a choice.  You can chose to dig in, or quit. You showed me from that, you only regret what you never tried.  Work hard and you earn respect, never demand it.

To see you at every game,  swim meet, watch me get bucked off, brush off and get right back on ,gave me the confidence I always had some in my corner.

For always loving me, and telling me so and for reminding me that to fight for the underdog, always. 

That you will lose sometimes but losing is a great lesson in itself, as long as you congratulate the winner.  

Make at least three people smile a day. Be grateful. Say thank please, thank you and you are welcome. The view is always better from the high road.

ALWAYS tell the truth, so the face in the mirror can look you in the eyes.

Oh and hey, I conceived this idea, believed in this idea and we WILL achieve this idea and make it a reality!

Thanks for never giving up on me, as I will will never give up on what is morally, ethically and the right thing to do. Love you and miss you daily. 


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