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You Are Not Alone PTSD BC...we have your you have ours?

Election 2017


Our new NDP and Green party Government has yet to fulfill their promise made to the first responders in BC by legislating the Presumptive Clause.  It has been a longh drawn out process with disappointment and sadly, no movement on a Government that was so keen, so eager when they were in Opposition. Two Private Members Bills were put forward by the NDP, expressing the importance of the lives of first responders, the importance of the roles we play in society and the deep sadness when a life is lost in the line of duty...and a life is taken at the hand of one of our own. 

So, we ask, we plead, we have screamed...why are we still waiting. 

WHY?   We still it not until Spring 2018 the new MInister of Labour, Minister Henry Bains states that it will be brought to the legislature. He claims the entire WorkSafe BC requires a full inquiry from the top down...but this takes response is with a head hung low and a heavy heart, and how many more lives will be lost, I am tired of waiting....aren't you?